Professional Photographer

Peter Davey is a professional photographer offering photographic services covering Commercial Photography, Industrial Photography, Personal Portrait Photography for you or your Business, Clothing and Fashion Photography, Product and Pack Shots. Photography is very personal and often subjective, that’s why I work closely with customers before and during a shoot. My Marketing background gives you the confidence in knowing that I understand your end goals.

Timelapse Specialist

Shrinking time is what we do – not like Dr Who but in terms of images taken at timed intervals while something takes place. It’s limitless what can be time lapsed and now we can add in movement too.

Video Producer

We produce videos for a wide range of clients. These include sectors as wide as photographic lighting, forestry, recycling and environmental services to name but a few. We cover corporate promotions, internal communications, conferences and events, product launches as well as health and safety, training and web/pod casts– quite a diverse range.