Products and Pack Shots

It’s said “a picture paints a thousand words” and at no time has this been more important than in today’s multimedia world when it comes to product photography and web site images. Business and the media have a hungry appetite for fresh up to date images. Just as a business needs to launch new products and services, equally its product photography needs to keep pace with change. Whether it’s jewellery or jumbo jets, catalogues or commercial products the same applies, so if you’re producing brochures, flyers, point of sale or web site material, product photography and web site images are as important as artwork.

Images can be produced with the contemporary, white background or if required, a more creative lighting set up can be introduced. We can also provide images as “cut outs”. The studio is mobile so best suits on location client based photography, so it can come to you when products need to stay on site.

Cut Outs

These can be done in two ways either As Shot on a pale grey background for you to take and Post Produce or Finished on a white background ready to use straight away.

Feature Shots

Product groups, graduated or specific lighting, feature or textured backgrounds.


Products used in real life set ups or on sets for example Upholstery, Curtains, Lounge, Dining or even Kitchen and Garden equipment

You’re In Control

Just what it says, we don’t set any form of shot limit on your product shoots. We agree a brief and deliver on it.
All products are shot at full camera resolution then output and / or resized as a second output. So you get High Resolution images and a Web Site option as well.
All products images will be retouched to a basic standard, eg, minor scratches, dents and dings. More advance retouching will be agreed and quoted as required.
Images are sent to you how best suits your needs and timescales, CD or DVD, FTP to your server or from ours, even email or Dropbox.